Fixing stuff around yourself

Rimsha Sultan
2 min readDec 18, 2020


Leadership is about making things around yourself better, as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence

I was sitting in TV launch today taking online course. There was a project assigned by Amal Academy “Fixing stuff around yourself “ in this we have to look around yourself and observe the things which are not at right place and then by taking responsibility we have to arrange things and made our surrounding well disciplined.

So here is the picture before fixing up stuff

You can see in picture there were many things which were not at the right place so I stood up and arranged things around myself And keep them in their place.

So after fixing up all stuff the TV launch looked like as you can see in picture below.

After doing this I felt myself very comfortable and relaxed. While cleaning up launch everyone in my home was surprised that what happened to rimsha And my api jan was surprised how is it possible that rimsha cleaned up launch by her own. She was surprised because to be honest I am little bit “kam chor". Everybody appreciated me and I felt very disciplined.

After doing this task I realized that you can take responsibility and practice leadership on daily basis without any authority.

Leadership is like exercise. Do it everyday, the results take time but you will see them. It’s the little things. (Simon Sinek)